Axl (shattered_axl) wrote in vanishing_court,

Hunter Base, training room - [locked to Signas]

The past few days had been filled with a feeling of restlessness. It was difficult to pin down the exact reason, which only vexed him more. His poor carpet had suffered from all the pacing he'd done.

Glaring at that carpet, it finally occurred to him that a change of scenery might be what he needed to figure things out. He needed to get out of here. He needed to go...


Realization hit.

Unfortunately, it only made things worse. Damn it!

Bare minutes later, the carpet was no longer the only victim to his frustration. Damn it, damn it, damn it! With a snarl, he blew up another holographic drone.
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Slowly Signas was making his way around the base with a list in hand that Zeta helped him to create. He had a lot of loose ends he needed to go back to and one by one he was checking them off.

He stopped outside of the training room when spotting it was Axl who was inside. Signas waited patiently to be noticed or for a chance to interrupt.
Another five drones bit the pixelated dust before Axl finally acknowledged Signas' presence. A glance, then a curt command to shut the training program off, and he turned to face the Hunter commander.

"Commander Signas," he greeted the other in as close to a neutral voice as he could manage. The training exercise had helped him vent his frustration, but it was by no means a cure for the situation.
"Axl." He nodded, "It is much over due, I understand, but we need to have a conversation about your residence here."

"Is now a good time?"
Axl blinked, surprised enough for his frustration to falter. That question, and the timing of it - how had Signas...?

"Of course," he said almost immediately. "In fact, I was going to talk to you about it after I, uh, finished up here." Or rather, after he'd blown up enough imaginary foes to get his feelings back under control. But he wasn't going to say that out loud. "Did you want to talk here or somewhere else?"
"Where ever you are most comfortable."

Signas did his best to offer a soft and friendly smile. He didn't want this to feel so formal and serious. In his mind, the conversation wouldn't take too long.
Axl holstered his guns, his expression turning serious. "Commander Signas," he said. "I know what I did, and what happened to me, was pretty serious, and I appreciate the freedom you have allowed me, but..." Some of his frustration started leaking back into his voice. He lifted his chin and looked Signas straight in the eye. Might as well get right to the point. "How long am I going to be on probation?"
Right to the point. Signas could handle that.

"You've been on probation for much too long and I apologize for that. Looking over the course of your stay with us, I believe it is no longer necessary."

"Your teleportation signature has been purged from our system. Feel free to confirm that with Commander Zeta, she can show you if you don't want to rely on my word alone."
Just like that? Axl stared at Signas for a moment, thrown off by how quickly and easily he'd been granted his freedom. He'd expected to have to argue about it, to fight for at least a few days before anything approaching progress was made. Could it really be so simple?

He frowned. The niggling suspicion did not take long to bloom in Axl's mind. "I'm free?" he said cautiously. "No strings attached? I can go anywhere, talk to anyone, do anything... and no one would stop me or try to track me?"
Signas grew serious,

"The purpose of your probation was to make certain that you are in complete control of your mind. That you are no longer a threat to others in Reality Vanish. I understand what happened in the past wasn't of your will. . .which was the reason for keeping you here with some freedoms."

"But it is obviously no longer necessary to keep you here. Yes. You are free to do as you wish."
Signas was serious. Which meant... this was real.

He could leave.

He could...

Except that he couldn't. Unless...

He hesitated. "Signas, do you know if there have been any advances made in the technology used to locate people's universes?"
"Yes and no."

With his recent attempts to find his home and the appearance of Zeta, he had some mixed feelings, but answered as honestly as he could.

"I was recently trying to make contact with my world and apparently I did make some sort of contact as Zeta came to this world in response to it. I think the best way to explain is apparently worlds can vary on how receptive they are?"

Signas was unsure if he used the right word, but really couldn't think of a better way to put it.

"Some worlds are easier to connect to than others. One theory is that there are time periods where connection simply cannot be made. So no, advancements haven't exactly improved, but at the same time, it really depends on your world. And of course, we can help you with that."
"Really?" That was news to him! Maybe my world was just out of phase, he thought, feeling hope surface inside him. Maybe I can go back.

He couldn't help it. He grinned at Signas. "I'll see what I can manage on my own, but I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks, Signas!"
There was much blinking, but shortly after, Signas smiled practically ear to ear. It was nice seeing Axl in a good mood suddenly.

"You're very welcome, Axl. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help at all."
Axl nodded once, still grinning. "You got it!" Then, with a new bounce in his steps, he strode out of the training room. Time to go see if he could succeed.