Dynamo (emptymovement) wrote in vanishing_court,

Hunter Townhouse, front steps and door [open]

Under normal circumstances, Dynamo wouldn't do anything so insane -- or so blatant. It wasn't remotely productive for his goals, wasteful of energy, and all-too-likely to backfire. As it should, really.

Unfortunately, he was not labouring under normal circumstances.

Not when dogged by the screams he could hear even after he'd woken from rest and recharge ...

Without so much as a pause, he'd teleported within a block of the Hunters' VC lair; then stalked the rest of the way in a red haze, hands bloody. Stalked right up the front steps until he'd reached the very door, then scrawled a singled word across the mocking barrier in blood and fluid.


Half-strangled on his anger, he spit once -- nearly frothing -- and turned to stalk stiff-legged away.
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