Techno and Coda (playswithrobots) wrote in vanishing_court,
Techno and Coda

Hunter Labs - [ Open ]

Things had calmed down for the most part. Well, maybe it was better to say that Techno wasn't slammed like he had been for a while. At this very moment, he was "hiding" himself in the labs. Hiding out of sight from pretty girls who made him nervous. The new female reploid matched that description in his mind anyway.

Techno was welcoming the peace and quiet while relaxing on top of one of the lab tables and staring at the ceiling. Coda was sitting off to the side on the ground and holding some small electronic ball with flashing lights. It was keeping the little bot entertained.
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It may have been open to some debate whether Techno considered 'peace and quiet' to exist when Nightmare was in the labs ...

Regardless of Techno's opinion, however, said individual padded down the stairwell and headed straight towards him, notably free of his usual armloads of books and computer bits.

"Techno? To be speaking, I; a needed thing. Busy, you?"

((so much LJ hate -_- ))
Coda's toy clattered against the ground, but didn't get far with Coda quickly scrambling to pick it up. Nightmare always made him nervous since the little bot couldn't understand what he was saying.

This fact was something Techno found highly amusing. He ignored Coda for now and simply sat up on his elbows to face Nightmare.

"No. I'm not busy. What do you need?" He started to slip off the lab table.
The clatter and scramble immediately distracted Nightmare from Techno until he saw the source of the activity. He didn't mind Coda, but he couldn't help but be attentive to the sudden movements.

A moment later, he shook himself and looked back towards Techno.

"Hrr ... Changing needed, I. Surgery, removal of a thing."
"Removal of a thing?"

Techno straightened himself up and scratched the side of his head. Not very descriptive and what could a reploid need removed anyway? Well. . .maybe this would be like an upgrade of some sort? Body modification? It couldn't be a 'growth' of some sort, could it?

"Sure. What is it?"
Nightmare paused; it almost looked as if he were searching his memory for the right word or phrase. Then he shrugged, and gave up.

And promptly began to unfasten the fly of his pants.
There was a lot of blinking from Techno. Not quite sure what Nightmare was up to, he simply turned his head to the side and kept watching. One brow lifted up.
Things suitably unfastened, Nightmare slipped his pants down a handspan or so and then gestured to his groin.

And more blinking as Techno's eyes darted between what Nightmare was gesturing to and Nightmare's eyes. Finally, a hand went up to "cover up" Nightmare to him.

"You want that. . .removed?" Techno's voice cracked on the last word as he forced himself to find a better phrase than what first came to mind.

He cleared his throat and tried to calm down. Techno's hand didn't move however.

Noting Techno's reactions -- humans broadcast startlement and shock so easily -- Nightmare hitched his pants back where they belonged, secured them, then sat himself on another workbed. And eyed Techno closely.

"Yes, wanted -- removed, gone! Pointless, annoying, this. Obstruction, this is; never explained, a bothersome thing."

"So, removed. Want this, I."
"I just, ah, sorry." Techno was becoming obviously flustered and struggled to explain himself.

"I just, I've never had to remove one." Then he realized something, "Never had to add one either, for that matter."

That helped Techno relax and his hand finally fall back down.

"Sorry. It's no problem. You are a first for me, but really it won't be a problem I can do--wait. Never explained?"
"A concern, this? Something that bothers Techno, unnerves you ..."

Nightmare trailed off. Then he cocked his head quizzically, wondering why Techno asked what he did.

"Never explained."
"Where I am from, it isn't common place for reploids to have such anatomy. It's just different to me."

Techno made a face, "What bothers me is the fact that it was never explained to you. Any modification, regardless of what it is, should be explained. I would think that would be common sense for the person making the modifications especially if it wasn't at the request of the patient."

"Ah," Techno seemed a little hesitant now, "I could always give you an explanation before operating. Not trying to discourage you or change your mind of course!"
"The little-Blues. A similar thing, that one? To what you know?"

In response to the suggestions Nightmare shook his head and offered a lopsided shrug. It didn't seem terribly important.

"A little told; Axl told, explained, to this one. But, wanted still, this."

"This, not a needed thing."
"Yup. But I am learning and studying constantly." Techno smiled strongly.

"All right. Well, drop your pants and make yourself comfortable." A hand motioned to one of the lab tables as Techno chuckled.

He turned and began gathering up some equipment.
The workbed he was perched on seemed as likely a place as any -- at least until or unless Techno shooed him elsewhere. So Nightmare kicked off his pants, and settled back to stare at the ceiling

"Not a complication?"


9 years ago