Zero (not_a_nightmare) wrote in vanishing_court,

Hunter Base - [open to those with reason to be there]

The window was open to his world.

Zero frowned, staring out across the rooftops of Reality Vanish without really seeing them. His world was still there. Zeta's arrival proved that. Since then, the two worlds had seemed to shift in and out of synch with each other - mostly out. But it was enough to allow the occasional message through.

--Things are going well enough out here. There's been a bit of an increase in Maverick activity, but nothing we can't handle. Just enough to keep us busy.--

Busy. If Zero knew X, busy was an understatement. What he didn't know was whether X was busying himself with more work than was necessary, or if he was understating the severity of the whole situation. Zero snorted softly, a fond smile creeping across his face. The first one was almost a given.

--...miss seeing you around the compound. I hope things are going well.--

X wasn't asking him to come back. Not directly, anyway. Zero had made his decision back then and X respected that. Their world would have to be in a hell of a lot of trouble before he went back on that. Oddly enough, that thought was comforting. It meant that, even if X was understating matters somewhat, the situation wasn't nearly as bad as it could be. "But nothing we can't handle." X wouldn't lie about that.

So, where did that leave him?

With a choice. He looked up at the sky, ignoring the wind that wanted to whip his ponytail into his face. Rain was coming, and soon. He should probably get inside if he didn't want to get wet. There was certainly no shelter to be had sitting on the roof. I still have a choice. This time, the smile didn't creep onto his face. It came readily and easily, and it came to stay.

Yes. He still had a choice.

When the first fat droplets splattered across the roof, Zero had long since escaped. Before he made any decisions, there was someone he had to see.
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