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Vanishing Court Apartments

your home away from home

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Welcome to Vanishing Court Apartments!

If you are staring at this place in confusion, please go visit realityvanish to check out how to join the main game and gain access to the Apartments community!

Vanishing Court Apartments is kind of a misnomer-- the place is arranged like a typical urban housing development, but there aren't just apartments for rent here. There are several blocks of townhouses available for sale and for rent, and a block or two of upscale condos with a rather nice view of the complex's small lake.

The Court features a long list of ameneties, some of which are typical for apartment complexes and others which are.. weird. Amenities include a pair of swimming pools, located on opposite ends of the rather sprawling community, a playground, a convenience store and power station for vehicles, tennis and basketball courts, and a small theater for the local garage bands and theater troupes to practice and perform in.

Located in the middle of the complex is the Admin Building, a beautiful work of ultra-modern architecture that always features the latest in technological wonders. Admin is home to the leasing/real estate office, a small internet cafe (with coffehouse, and open 24/7/365), a fitness center, the complex's hoverbus stop, a day spa, the post office, and the daycare center for really small children.

Vanishing Court is within fairly easy walking distance of Reality Vanish's school complex, dubbed simply "The Academy," which offers Pre-K to PhD education, the K-12 portion based loosely on the Montessori system. Students are required to take on courses of study in the major subject areas (literature/language, social science, mathematics, "hard" science, arts/humanities, activity) every year they are in the K-12 component of their studies, and may take on up to three additional courses of study based on their interest. Students proceed at their own pace through their courses, with the caveat that all coursework must be completed by the end of the academic year (school runs August-June, with a "summer session" for the whole month of July for further enrichment in elective areas-- this is optional, but it's both free and always interesting). The college instruction offered is typical of most liberal arts colleges, though the Academy's facilities are equally solid in the sciences.

Yes, Vanishing Court is a wonderful place to live. Especially because the whole thing is under a Nexus-level anti-violence field. Admin dares you to find anyplace safer!

How to Post

Gaining posting access is very easy. You must first be an accepted member of the realityvanish game. Then you should indicate your desire to join the community to the GM team by clicking on the "join community" link. They'll see that you want in and clicky the little thing that lets you post to the community.

If you are not a member of the RV game and want to interact here in the apartments-- no worries! Non-members to the community can post comments, and thus play in threads. All you have to do is get a resident to "buzz you in" by having them post the beginning of the play thread you're interested in working on. Then you can play on as normal! :D

The RV Communities
realityvanish (Other Areas of Reality Vanish)
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vanish_ooc (RV: The OOC Board. It is a silly place.)

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